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1910 — 1922
Vol. 44, No. 4
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: John Adams Thayer Company, 1914-12-01 172 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Man greeting woman with mythic onlookers: A-A
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'And a Little Child Shall Lead Them' (Kenny, Millicent Dobbs): 155-156
The Woman Who Lost (Woljeska, Helen): 157-166
A Conversation between George Bernard Shaw and the Dictionary (de Casseres, Benjamin): 167-168
A Fair Wind from the Far East (Pape, Lee): 169-174
The Greek Quarter (O'Hara, John Myers): 174-174
'O. Henry's Successor' (Frane, George): 175-177
The Agnostic (Crowder, Calvin Stoddard): 177-177
Proverbs of Broadway: 177-177
Water-Wagon Enchantments (Hatteras, Owen): 178-178
The Night Before (Shaw, Adele E.): 179-183
The Innumerable Caravan (Hatteras, Owen): 184-184
The Shoulders of Atlas (O'Shea, Peter F.): 185-191
Better Unsaid (Shannon, Harris Moore): 191-191
The Robe of Make-Believe (Clement, Emma): 192-194
Little Flakes of Sunset (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 194-194
In Hell with the Dramatists (Bartlett, Randolph): 195-200
An Ode to Munich (D'Aubigny, Pierre): 201-202
Mr. John Smith (Watson, Irving S.): 203-206
The Purling of the Platitudinarians: 206-206
Hilary Duane's Widow (Gardiner, Ruth Kimball): 207-210
On the Feast of the Seven Sorrows (Davis, M. A.): 211-212
In a Cafe (Fowler, Carlton C.): 212-212
Death: A Discussion (Woodruff, Robert W.): 213-216
More Purlings: 216-216
The Psychology of the Cut-Out (Kilman, Roy): 217-218
Same Old Theme ― With Variations: 218-218
The Reason Why (Temple, John): 219-223
Delightful Lan-Fang (Adullah, Achmed): 224-225
Harlequin-at-Large (Rowland, Durbin): 226-228
In the Next Number of Smart Set: 228-228
The Man Who Stole King Solomon's Girl (Ayres, Nelson): 229-233
The Sincerest Form of Flattery (Susman, Harold): 234-236
Days (Baker, K. W.): 236-236
The House in the Sands (Wyllarde, Dolf): 237-244
The Blue Sphere (Dreiser, Theodore): 245-252
A Love Song (McKinsey, Folger): 252-252
Ferd (Titus, Harold): 253-257
Iron (Shepard, Odell): 257-257
A Promising Actress (Terhune, Albert Payson): 258-264
Lo, 'The Great American Novel' (DeVaux, E.): 265-266
The Maid of the Wood (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 266-266
The Pact (Lyon, Harris Merton): 267-275
The Lover (Driscoll, Louise): 275-275
After All, What's the Use? (Gilray, J. D.): 276-278
The Next Number of Smart Set: 278-278
Aunt Hérisson (Brieux, Eugène): 279-283
The Pursuit of the Unbeloved (Vale, Charles): 284-288
Pierrot and the Primrose (Paul, Dorothy): 289-295
The Daughter (Johns, Orrick): 295-295
After Hearing Tschaikowsky (Towne, Charles Hanson): 296-296
Charles Klein and Other Great Thinkers (Nathan, George Jean): 297-303
Mush for the Multitude (Mencken, H. L.): 304-310
In the Shops of the Smart Set (Rubincam, Marion A.): 311-314
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