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1910 — 1922
Vol. 45, No. 4
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1915-04-01 170 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Vistas (Shepard, Odell): 281-281
The Dream of King Karna—Vootra (Dunsany, Lord): 282-282
When Fancy Leaves the Narrow Path: (novelette) (Major, Helen Jetmore): 283-313
Annunciation: Sung by the voices of the unborn (Bynner, Witter): 314-314
Cameron's Conclusion (Hervey, P. F.): 315-316
The Dangerous Inheritance (Winter, Louise): 317-322
Says Mikhail Artsybachev: 322-322
Evening (Greif, Martin): 322-322
Jealousy (Anderson, William): 323-324
The Uplifters (Morgan, Jacque): 325-331
Transportation (Rich, H. Thompson): 331-331
Grandmother (Woljeska, Helen): 332-332
Little Girl (Pape, Lee): 333-338
The Victory (Whitford, R. C.): 338-338
The Greatest Painter in the World (Dunsany, Lord): 339-340
A Great Man (Bynner, Witter): 340-340
The Man Who Waited (Bernstein, Lina S.): 341-350
April Song (Pickthall, Marjorie L. C.): 350-350
Flirt (Ransford, Thomas): 351-352
Love's Pilgrimage (Middleton, Scudder): 352-352
The Desert is Not Fifth Avenue (Irish, Marshall Hugh): 353-358
The Twelfth Juror (Lockwood, Scammon): 359-366
The Windy Shot: (one-act play) (Conway, Edward Harold): 367-377
The Last Poet (Johns, Orrick): 378-378
The Cad (Kemp, Harry): 379-385
The Ancient One (Batchelder, Ann): 385-385
Love For Art's Sake (Fox, Paul Hervey): 386-388
In Donegal (O'Sullivan, Seumas): 388-388
Certainly, It Can Be Done! (Sanborn, John): 389-392
Lines for Music (Morgan, Harriet): 392-392
Félix and Carlotta (Hill, Edna Marion): 393-397
The Disembodied (H. K.): 397-397
Mountains and Molehills (Dickenson, Edwin C.): 398-400
Love's Need (Scollard, Clinton): 400-400
A Careful Surgeon (Caine, William): 401-405
The Reason (Peach, Arthur Wallace): 406-406
The Moral Defeat (Harvey, Alexander): 407-410
A Tale of London (Dunsany, Lord): 411-412
The Flight (Samuel, Maurice): 413-417
After Long Years (Terrill, Lucy Stone): 418-420
La Vie Des Mineurs: (in the French) (d'Ostrevent, Pol): 421-422
With the Minstrels of the Moment (Nathan, George Jean): 423-429
The Grandstand Flirts With the Bleachers (Mencken, H. L.): 430-436
In the Shops of the Smart Set (Judson, Jeanne): 437-440
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