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1910 — 1922
Vol. 46, No. 2
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1915-06-01 180 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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I Want to Be Sick (Haskins, H. S.): 141-141
The Confession (Morrill, M. L.): 142-142
The Wax Model: Complete Novelette (Tyler, G. Vere): 143-164
Come (Teasdale, Sara): 164-164
Vers Libre (Hatteras, Owen): 164-164
An Upholder of Tradition (Read, T. N.): 165-168
The Flaming Flower (Woljeska, Helen): 169-172
Purely Parenthetical (Adams, Austin): 173-178
The Pursuit (Hugh, C.): 179-182
Envy (Florance, Richard): 182-182
The Awakening of Autumn (Towneley, John Hulburt): 183-187
A Leaf from a Book of Dreams (Hanlon, John): 187-187
Locked (Wolfe, Jacob): 188-188
The Scene of Scenes (Culbertson, Ernest Howard): 189-197
Forgotten (Cranston, Claudia): 197-197
The Escape (Scrivener, Alan): 198-198
Genealogy of a Polygenetic Phenomenon: 198-198
The Yellow Shawl (Dobie, Charles Caldwell): 199-203
Bad Seconds: 203-203
Post—Impressions of Poets (Hatteras, Owen): 204-204
The Doctor's Wife (Pease, Frank): 205-211
The Puritan (Garrison, Theodisia): 211-211
The Awakening (Cook, Marjorie): 212-212
The Happy Ending (Adams, Frank R.): 213-217
The Vinegar Man (Mitchell, Ruth Comfort): 218-218
The Pace (Bottome, Phyllis): 219-226
Swans (Teasdale, Sara): 226-226
Over the Hills: One Act Play (Palmer, John): 227-235
Eyes (McCrea, Marion): 236-236
A Snapshot (Macdougall, Allan Ross): 236-236
A Nude Descending a Staircase (Merrick, Lula): 237-244
Ego (McClure, John): 244-244
The Man (Burhans, Viola): 245-254
Rosemary—for Remembrance (Wattles, Willard): 254-254
Scrambled Eggs (Mackall, Lawton): 255-258
Resurgam (O'Sullivan, Seamus): 258-258
Come into My Parlor (Garland, Robert): 259-266
The Twisted Inn (Walpole, Hugh): 267-273
The End of His Rope (Allen, Willis Boyd): 274-276
Romance (Hecht, Benjamin): 276-276
A Bone of Contention (Fox, Paul Hervey): 277-278
A Panorama of Women (Bell, W. L. D.): 278-278
From the Sringa Sataka of Bhartrihari: 279-279
Brisé Légère: In the French (Delta, Emile): 280-282
The Little Golden Fountain (MacMillan, Mary): 282-282
Now to Revive the Audience (Nathan, George Jean): 283-289
Here Are Novels! (Mencken, H. L.): 290-296
In the Shops of the Smart Set (Judson, Jeanne): 297-300
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