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1910 — 1922
Vol. 46, No. 3
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1915-07-01 172 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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The Scholar (Hatteras, Owen): 295-296
The Potency of Prayer (Fox, Paul Hervey): 296-296
The Fruit of Misadventure: Complete Novelette (Frank, Waldo): 297-312
The Inverse Ratio (Merlin, John): 313-314
Upon Seeing Geraldine Farrar Through My Ears (Davis, Robert H.): 314-314
The Gentleman in the Case: Complete Novelette (Soutar, Andrew): 315-327
Two Prose Tales (McClure, John): 328-328
The Jocose Gods (Hatteras, Owen): 328-328
The Grey Moth (Chapman, Frances Norville): 329-330
Home (Goldring, Douglas): 330-330
The Evening Adventures of a Lonely Bachelor (Rockey, Howard P.): 331-341
The Youth Apologizes to Those of Mature Years (McClure, John): 342-342
A Nice Affectionate Girl (Carlton, R. B.): 342-342
Is Anyone Safe? (Russell, Robert): 343-346
How I Discovered Bernard Shaw (Harris, Frank): 347-350
The Warrior (Tyler, G. Vere): 351-359
Their Friends (Coates, Archie Austin): 360-360
Those Burglars (Roberts, John): 360-360
Eileen (Brown, Robert Carlton): 361-362
The Unnatural Thing (Meyer, J. A.): 363-368
The Radiant Word (Bynner, Witter): 368-368
A Duologue (Shannon, Marguerite Hortense): 369-370
The Joy of Dying (Davis, Charles Belmont): 371-378
Two Songs (Hanlon, John): 378-378
Child—Love (Kemp, Harry): 379-381
Fireworks (Clark, Ruth): 381-381
The End of Concessions (Brown, Robert Carlton): 382-382
Moon Magic (Rose, A. C.): 382-382
Perry and Ballantyne (Joy, Maurice): 383-388
The Wit of a Woman (McGarry, William A.): 389-391
The Dancer (Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker): 391-391
The Statues in the Station: 392-392
Havens (Untermeyer, Louis): 392-392
The Sale of a Face (Macaulay, Gertrude): 393-395
Love—Song to Eunoe (Pound, Ezra): 395-395
In Passing (Van Praag, Selma): 396-396
The Old Mother (Matson Dolson, Cora A.): 396-396
Saved!: One-Act Play (Wilde, Percival L.): 397-409
Recapitulation (Mendès, Catulle): 409-409
Dream Sweethearts (McRaye, Betty): 410-410
Algernon Jones (Forster, Gertrude): 411-412
Misadventure (Holt, Guy): 413-417
Les Revenants (Wattles, Willard): 417-417
The Broken Lute (Garrison, Theodosia): 418-418
Suspicion: 418-418
The Three Infernal Jokes (Dunsany, Lord): 419-422
The Proposal (Blair, Hugh): 423-424
I Know That You Whom I Love Today (Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker): 424-424
Thus Was It Ever (Samuel, Maurice): 425-428
The Singing Girl (White, Jean): 429-434
From the Eighteenth Century (Hammond, John Martin): 434-434
Qui?: In the French (Nayral, Jacques): 435-436
Retrospectively (Nathan, George Jean): 437-443
The Prometheus of the Western World (Mencken, H. L.): 444-450
In the Shops of the Smart Set (Judson, Jeanne): 451-454
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