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1903 — 1917
No. 2
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1903-04-01 78 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
Eduard J. Steichen Photographs List. I-VIII: 3-3
Rodin. Photograph I (Steichen, Eduard J.): 5-5
The Pool. Photograph II (Steichen, Eduard J.): 7-7
Self-portrait. Photograph III (Steichen, Eduard J.): 9-9
Dawn-flowers. Photograph IV (Steichen, Eduard J.): 11-11
Bartholomé. Photograph V (Steichen, Eduard J.): 13-13
Dolor. Photograph VI (Steichen, Eduard J.): 15-15
Lenbach. Photograph VII (Steichen, Eduard J.): 17-17
Besnard. Photograph VIII (Steichen, Eduard J.): 20-20
Eduard J. Steichen's Work: An Appreciation (Caffin, Charles H.): 21-24
A Visit to Steichen's Studio (Allan, Sidney): 25-28
Dawn-Flowers: To Maurice Maeterlinck (S. H.): 29-29
Of Art in Relation to Life (Steichen, Lilian): 30-30
The Influence of Artistic Photography on Interior Decoration (Allan, Sidney): 31-33
Photographic Fables. The Flamingo and the Crows (Kerfoot, J. B.): 34-34
Photographic Fables. The Ambitious Cockatoo (Kerfoot, J. B.): 34-34
The Glimpse (Fuguet, Dallett): 34-34
Dolor (S. H.): 35-35
Eduard J. Steichen Photographs List. IX-XI: 36-36
Portrait. Photograph IX (Steichen, Eduard J.): 37-37
Nude with Cat. Photograph X (Steichen, Eduard J.): 39-39
Judgment of Paris—A Landscape Arrangement. Photograph XI (Steichen, Eduard J.): 41-41
The Pictorial Aspect of Photography in Colors (Bayley, R. Child): 42-46
Salon Juries (Watson-Schütze, Eva): 46-47
Juries and Judges (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 48-48
Exhibition Notes. The Third Salon in Chicago (Willard, S. L.): 49-50
Exhibition Notes. Photo-Secession Notes (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 50-51
Exhibition Notes. Re St. Louis (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 51-51
Notes by the Way: The Man behind the Camera (Fuguet, Dallett): 52-52
Some Things Worth Looking Into: 53-53
Our Pictures (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 54-54
Encouragement (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 54-54
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