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1903 — 1917
No. 3
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1903-07-01 84 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents The Photo-Secession: C-D
Art's First Steps toward an Important Evolution (Maeterlinck, Maurice): E-H
Publisher's Page: 1-1
Clarence H. White Photographs List. I-V: 3-3
Letitia Felix. Photograph I (White, Clarence H.): 5-5
Telegraph Poles. Photograph II (White, Clarence H.): 7-7
Illustration to 'Eben Holden'. Photograph IV (White, Clarence H.): 9-9
Winter Landscape. Photograph IV (White, Clarence H.): 11-11
Ring Toss. Photograph V (White, Clarence H.): 14-14
Clarence H. White (Caffin, Charles H.): 15-17
The Value of the Apparently Meaningless and Inaccurate (Allan, Sidney): 17-21
A Sermon (Kerfoot, J. B.): 22-22
From a New-World Song: 'Let Scholars Class Their Artists as They Please' (Fuguet, Dallett): 22-22
The Influence of Visual Perception on Conception and Technique (Allan, Sidney): 23-26
Lessons from the Old Masters. II (Beck, Otto Walter): 27-31
On Silhouettes (Muir, Ward): 32-34
Silhouette. I (Muir, Ward): 35-35
Silhouette. II (Muir, Ward): 37-37
Esthetic Activity in Photography (Rubincam, Harry C.): 39-40
Tribute to J. Wells Champney: 40-40
List of Plates. I-IV: 41-41
The Bridge. Plate I (Strauss, John Francis): 43-43
The Last Hour. Plate II (Keiley, Joseph T.): 45-45
The Street—Design for a Poster. Plate III (Stieglitz, Alfred): 47-47
Winter Shadows. Plate IV (Coburn, Alvin Langdon): 49-49
Exhibitions: 51-51
Our Illustrations: 52-52
Advertisements: adv1-adv22
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