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1910 — 1922
Vol. 52, No. 3
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1917-07-01 156 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents: C-C
The Supreme Disappointment (Mason, Laura Kent): 1-1
You (Morton, David): 2-2
The Summum Bonum (Templeton, Marianne): 2-2
Look upon the Prisoner (Weiman, Rita): 3-29
The Dogmatic Lover: or, the One I Will Marry (Nicholson, J. K.): 30-30
The Preservation of the Home (Sonya, Jane): 31-32
The Averted Confession (Tyler, G Vere): 33-40
Where Fear Is (Allan, Marguerite Buller): 41-43
Luckily (Sanford, William): 43-43
The School Teacher (McCormick, Elsie): 44-44
Home (McClure, John): 44-44
The Way Blanchard Arranged Things (Terrill, Robert): 45-51
I Looked for Henry (Gibson, June): 51-51
The Lost Love (Murphy, Ethel Allen): 51-51
The Cause of It All (Stiles, Hinson): 52-52
Earth Lamp (Hortense, Flexner): 52-52
The Sins of the Four Hundred. The Millionaire's Might. VI: 53-59
Finis (McClure, John): 59-59
Rosemary (Hatteras, Owen): 60-62
The Ingenue (Veach, Georgia): 63-73
The Rescuer (Hamilton, John): 73-73
An Arcadian (Scollard, Clinton): 73-73
The Happy Little Soul (Andrews, Johnston): 74-74
Wi' Thoughts of My Love (Lee, Muna): 74-74
New York (Adbullah, Achmed): 75-80
Chant Pathologique (Hatteras, Owen): 80-80
The Efficiency Expert (Folwell, A. H.): 81-82
The Prodigal Son (Kemp, Harry): 83-93
The Minor Poet (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 93-93
Bluebeard's Goat (Drayham, William): 94-96
Argent Fait Tout (Wayne, Charles Stokes): 97-105
Mr. Jackson (Young, James Nicholas): 106-106
Insignificance (Divine, Charles): 106-106
The Green Idol (Woljeska, Helen): 107-111
Folly and the Bauble (Clive, Julian): 111-111
Disillusion (Bloom, Marion L.): 111-111
Hands (Reid, Bruce): 112-112
Life's Little Ironies (Herrick, Elizabeth): 112-112
The Unlovely Sin (Hecht, Ben): 113-115
Loves (Mason, Laura Kent): 116-116
I Am Worried (Thomson, Arthur): 116-116
The Conclusions of a Man of Sixty (Hatteras, Owen): 117-118
The First Bloom (Winslow, Thyra Samter): 119-127
I Wish to Be Alone (Carter, Percival): 127-127
He Was Annoyed (Hunt, Henry Hugh): 128-128
An Old Grief (Lee, Muna): 128-128
America's Most Intellectual Actress (Nathan, George Jean): 129-136
La Petite Villegiature Traditionnelle (Perrier, E. G.): 137-137
The Cult of Dunsany (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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