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1910 — 1922
Vol. 55, No. 3
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1918-07-01 152 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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The Wail of a Poetical Puritan (Boyd, Margaret): 1-2
Song For Parting (Lyster, Margaret): 2-2
The Inauguration of Brida Creel (Benda, Lilith): 3-22
Crepe de Chine (Stephens, James): 23-25
The Cycle (Mitchell, T. F.): 26-26
I Have Made Two Songs For You (Stearns, Harold Crawford): 26-26
The White Streak (Anderson, Sherwood): 27-30
Flies in the Ointment (Effing, Thomas): 30-30
Haroldine (Carroll, Latrobe): 31-37
Preference (Tracy, James): 37-37
Vagaries (Gibson, June): 38-38
A Little Journey to the Place of Accounting (Barrett, Lillian Foster): 39-46
Wild Air (O'Brien, Edward J.): 46-46
The Climacteric (Morley, Christopher): 47-50
Life (Wheelock, John Hall): 50-50
The Adventuress (Hussey, L. M.): 51-56
Man and Brute (Watson, E. L. Grant): 57-63
It's an Annoying Thing to Be Absent-Minded (Zerner, Charles S.): 64-64
Tryst (Widdemer, Margaret): 64-64
The Sinister Sex (Hecht, Ben): 65-72
Ladies at Twelve: A Comedy in One Act (O'Neil, George): 73-80
Interest (Trask, Patience): 80-80
Second Quality (Graeve, Oscar): 81-89
What He Wanted to Say (Bowen, Helene Hicks): 90-90
Light Upon Darkness (Mayer, L. S.): 91-92
Some Ladies and Jurgen (Cabell, James Branch): 93-101
Tears (Hamilton, John): 102-102
The Strong and the Weak (Varr, Dennison): 102-102
The Avenging Years (Cavendish, John C.): 103-109
The Past Winter (Jenkins, George B.): 110-110
Sepulture (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 110-110
One Son of Adam (Lang, Phil): 111-115
Quality (Cullen, Mary): 116-116
The Last Fay (Cook, Harold): 116-116
The Sinners (Crane, Mifflin): 117-123
Distances (Untermeyer, Louis): 123-123
An Old Jest (Barron, George): 124-124
Retort Courteous (McClure, John): 124-124
The Eviction (Kline, Burton): 125-128
Quandary (Tirowen, Kenneth): 128-128
Les Deux Vieux (Delta, Emile): 129-130
Jealousy (Trevor, Susanne): 130-130
Wine, Woman and Song (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
The Public Prints (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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