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1910 — 1922
Vol. 59, No. 4
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1919-08-01 148 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image (Gunn, Archie): A-A
Contents: B-B
The Mystery of Man (Merkle, Robert): 1-1
Chatter (Noyes, E. Gifford): 2-2
Three Voices (Sterling, George): 2-2
The Boldini Madonna: A Complete Novelette (Barrett, Richmond Brooks): 3-32
The Subtle Thread (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 33-35
The Reason (Hitchins, L. G. R.): 36-36
The Shrine (Untermeyer, Louis): 36-36
The Illusion (Hussey, L. M.): 37-47
In the Key of Blue (Mitchell, T. F.): 47-47
Gifts (Deutsch, Babette): 47-47
Mr Johnson (Maxwell, Elinor): 48-48
A Chant for Lovers (Kemp, Harry): 48-48
The Noble Moment (Caylor, N. G.): 49-52
The Traveler (La Forrest, Frank): 52-52
The Son of a Hundred Grand-Fathers (Petrova, Olga): 53-58
Repetition Generale (Nathan, George Jean): 59-65
Ballad: (Old Style) (McClure, John): 65-65
My Loves: Their Rise and Fall (Hamilton, John): 66-66
Fugitives (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 67-71
The Collge Graduate (Varr, Dennison): 72-72
Moonlight (Garrison, Theodosia): 72-72
Enchanters of Men. A Witch in the Arts of Love. 9 (Hall, Thornton): 73-78
Footsteps (Jenkins, George B.): 79-84
Why Manicure Girls Leave Home (Douglas, Ford): 85-87
Rejuvenation (Lord, John F.): 88-88
Mi-Careme (Divine, Charles): 88-88
The Beautiful Thing (Leinster, Murray): 89-95
Practice Makes... (Maxwell, Elinor): 96-96
Revisited (Weaver, John V. A.): 96-96
The Zany (Barrett, Lillian Foster): 97-104
Reversion (Morton, David): 104-104
The First Prophet (Kemp, Harry): 105-106
Buried Treasure (Fitzgerald, Proctor): 106-106
Song (Crevequer, Michael): 106-106
The Strange Case of Zedekiah L. Wilkinson (Blarscom, John): 107-115
On the Misrepresentation Temptations of a Poor Working Girl (Gibson, June): 116-116
My Lady (McClure, John): 116-116
The Bed-Post (Hamilton, Gertrude Brooke): 117-125
Caprice (Deutsch, Babette): 125-125
Perhaps, Like Malona... (Vail, Lawrence): 126-128
Le Pont (Dornier, Charles): 129-130
Anecdote (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 130-130
The National Humour (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
Novels, Chiefly Bad (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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