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1900 — 1910
Vol. 32, No. 2
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S. S. McClure Co., 1908-12-01 272 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: The Epiphany—the Magi and Christ Child: A-A
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Contents: adv3-adv3
Frontispiece. Charles William Eliot: 114-114
The Superannuated Man: Labor Pensions and the Carnegie Foundation (Hendrick, Burton J.): 115-127
The Mistletoe Bough (Pratt, Lucy): 128-134
One Hundred Masterpieces of Painting: Sacred Conversations--Part II (La Farge, John): 135-144
On the Gulls' Road: The Ambassador's Story (Cather, Willa Sibert): 145-152
A Carol of Beasts (Guiney, Louise Imogen): 153-153
Alcohol and the Community (Williams, Henry Smith): 154-161
The Builders (Bynner, Witter): 161-161
Simon the Gentle (Stearns, E. F.): 162-170
The Closing of the Ranks (Wilson, Margaret): 171-180
The Assassination of Lincoln: The Hitherto Unpublished Account of an Eye-Witness (Shaw, E. R.): 181-185
'Our American Cousin' (Laughlin, Clara E.): 186-192
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Beast (Knapp, Adeline): 193-199
The Solving of the Milk Problem: How Copenhagen Has Established the Feasibility of a Pure and Healthful Supply (Adams, Samuel Hopkins): 200-207
The Countess of Overland Halt (Bickford, L. H.): 208-212
The Causes of Russia's Defeat by Japan (Kuropatkin): 213-222
Japanese Prints of Perry: 223-224
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