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1900 — 1910
Vol. 35, No. 2
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S. S. McClure Co., 1910-06-01 260 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Frontispiece. President Taft: 114-114
Senator Platt's Autobiography. Part I: Two Nominations of Roosevelt (Platt, Thomas Collier): 115-129
The Blue Sequin (Freeman, R. Austin): 130-140
A Memory (Tynan, Katharine): 140-140
Neighbors (Roberts, Octavia): 141-150
A Little Boy's Lullaby (Hooker, Brian): 150-150
The Cruelties of Our Courts (Gitterman, John M.): 151-168
A Text-Book Soldier (Hains, Donal Hamilton): 169-175
The King and Queen of Italy (Paoli, Xavier): 176-188
Helena, Queen of Italy: 181-181
Justice while You Wait (Oliver, Owen): 189-194
The Speaker and the House (Dixon, Maynard): 195-202
The Griswold Divorce Case (Cooper, Frederic Taber): 203-210
The United States and the War Cloud in Europe: An Interview with the President (Schiemann, Theodor): 222-226
Schiemann on Germany and World Peace (Schiemann, Theodor): 226-191
Our 17th Anniversary (McClure, S.S.): 228-228
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