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1900 — 1910
Vol. 35, No. 5
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S. S. McClure Co., 1910-09-01 256 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [The Albany Gang]: A-A
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Contents: adv3-adv3
Frontispiece. "Quick, Quick, Buy Your Ticket" (Edwards, Robert): 476-476
The Adventures of Miss Gregory. The Adventure on a Portuguese Trader. I (Gibbon, Perceval): 477-486
Paradisio (Roberts, Octavia): 487-494
Governor Hughes and the Albany Gang: A Study of the Degradation of the Republican Party in New York State (Hendrick, Burton J..): 495-512
The Hero (Laughlin, Clara E.): 513-522
Edmond Rostand and 'Chantecler' (Galdemar, Ange): 523-537
The Road to St. Lizzy's (Adams, Will): 538-544
Goldwin Smith's Reminiscences. The American Civil War. I (Smith, Goldwin): 545-558
The Kingdom of Joy (Cutting, Mary Stewart.): 559-566
The Black Orchid (Pickthall, Marjorie L. C.): 566-569
The Increasing Cost of Living. A Plague of Gold. I (Williams, Henry Smith): 570-580
Two Revolts against Oligarchy: The Insurgent Movements of the Fifties and of To-Day (Pinchot, Amos.): 581-590
The New McClure Serial: 591-592
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