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1900 — 1910
Vol. 35, No. 6
McClure, Samuel Sidney (editor)
New York: The S. S. McClure Co., 1910-10-01 296 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [Working Girls]: A-A
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Contents: adv3-adv3
Frontispiece. 'I Can Never Forgive Myself' (Taylor, Walter): 594-594
Working-Girls' Budgets: A Series of Articles Based upon Individual Stories of Self-Supporting Girls (Clark, Sue Ainslie): 559-614
The Masters of Capital in America (McClure, S. S.): 615-618
The Widow Who Couldn't Shoot (Gifford, Franklin Kent): 619-627
A Box at the Opera (Wilkinson, Florence): 627-627
Goldwin Smith's Reminiscences. The Founding of Cornell University and His Introduction to Washington Society. II (Smith, Goldwin): 628-640
King Edward VII (Paoli, Xavier): 641-654
Song from My Lady's Book (Gould, Gerald): 654-654
A Tale out of Season (Singmaster, Elsie): 655-659
The Birds of Aengus Og (Kelly, Blanche M.): 659-659
To a Friend of Boyhood Lost at Sea (Noyes, Alfred): 660-660
The Adventures of Miss Gregory. The Adventure in the Hotel at Beira. II (Gibbon, Perceval): 661-669
Mrs. Landy's Castaway (Putney, Freeman): 670-676
John and Simon Newcomb: The Story of a Father and Son (Merrick, Sara Newcomb): 677-687
The Unfinished Story (Henry, O.): 688-690
What Ireland Wants: A Statement of Ireland's Demands for Home Rule by the Leader of the Irish Party in Parliament (Redmond, John E.): 691-696
The American Catholics and the Ferrer Trial: 697-704
An American Catholic's View of the Ferrer Case (Shipman, Andrew J.): 704-711
A Letter from Mr. William Archer Regarding His Investigation of the Ferrer Case (Archer, William): 711-712
'The Life and Death of Ferrer' (Editor of McClure's): 712-712
An Apology: 712-712
Professor Ehrlich's Discoveries (Marks): 713-713
More Reminiscences by Ellen Terry: 714-714
The National Health Department (Flower, B. O.): 714-714
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