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1910 — 1922
Vol. 66, No. 3
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1921-11-01 148 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [Dancing beneath Chinese Lanterns]: A-A
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Contents: 1-1
Hidalgo (Ravenal, Beatrice): 2-2
Notes On the American Gentle-woman (Beer, Thomas): 3-4
The Steward of God (Barrett, Richmond Brooks): 5-31
Thunder (Hanlon, John): 31-31
Woman (Copes, L. G.): 32-32
The Dark (McCormick, Virginia): 32-32
Repetition Generale (Mencken, H. L.): 33-38
Everest (Sterling, George): 38-38
A Homecoming (Suckow, Ruth): 39-48
Unimportant (Dow, Dorothy): 48-48
The Man With One Talent (Swain, John D.): 49-53
Oh, Walk in Pride No Longer! (Choyce, A. Newberry): 53-53
The Death of the Reverend Mr. Mason (Roeser, Clarence): 54-54
The Higher Learning in America. Princeton University. 1 (Bishop, John Peale): 55-61
Tales (Sanberg, Lila): 62-62
Finis (Greenwood, May S.): 62-62
Mr. Worthington's Black Eye (Douglas, Ford): 63-70
Two Curtain Raisers. The Doom of Metrodorus. 1 (McClure, John): 71-75
Point Me Out a Gnarled Pine (Kenyon, Bernice Lesbia): 76-76
The Secret of Success (Stewart, Donald Ogden): 77-83
Pastoral (Hillyer, Robert): 83-83
Responsibility (Mitchell, T. F.): 84-84
Poets (Hillman, Gordon Malherbe): 84-84
The Captains (Ramos, Eleanor): 85-90
Limbo (Sabel, M. G.): 90-90
Rum, Reading, and Rebellion: An Essay (Macy, John): 91-96
My Songs (Twichell, Ward): 96-96
Almanach Chinois (Wynne, Stella Frances): 97-98
The Wife (Pickthall, M. L. C.): 98-98
At the feet of the Goddess (Hecht, Ben): 99-108
A Little House (O'Malley, Eleanor): 109-116
Twilight (Morton, David): 117-117
Iron Infallibility (Hatteras, Owen): 118-118
To Beauty (Tanaquil, Paul): 118-118
The Seasons and Her Ashes (Eldridge, Paul): 119-120
A Song Afterward (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 120-120
The Illegitimate Genius (Brooks, Paul): 121-128
Le Petit Voyou (Perrier, E. G.): 129-130
A Play, and Some Plays (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
More Notes on Books (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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