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1910 — 1922
Vol. 67, No. 3
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1922-03-01 148 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [Red-Headed Woman Smoking] (Barbelle, Albert): A-A
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Contents: 1-1
The Old Roots of Love (Kenyon, Bernice Lesbia): 2-2
Wall Street (Street, HIll): 3-4
Birds of Passage: A Complete Novelette (Barrett, Richmond Brooks): 5-34
Death Mates (Loos, Anita): 35-39
The Eternal Patagruel (Frederick, John T.): 40-40
Répétition Générale (Mencken, H. L.): 41-52
Rupert Goes on the Loose (Behrman, S. N.): 53-58
Taggard Tries Them Out (Hall, amanda Benjamin): 59-68
The Higher Learning in America. The University of Michigan. V (Eaton, G. D.): 69-76
Winkelburg (Hecht, Ben): 77-81
A Panorama of Servants (Shaw, Charles G.): 82-82
Birthday (Winslow, Thyra Samter): 83-92
And Does Love Last? (Tredwell, Louise): 92-92
After the Ball: A Play in One Act (Saltus, Edgar): 93-99
The Demon (Sabel, M. G.): 99-99
Train Windows (Marks, Jeannette): 100-100
The Artist's Mother (Tyler, G. Vere): 101-110
The Grand Gesture (Hussey, L. M.): 111-117
The Promise-Keeper (Widdemer, Margaret): 118-118
The Nietzschean Follies. Reflections. III (Sagmaster, Walter E.): 119-120
A Midwinter's Night Dream (Wright, Cuthbert): 121-124
The (Roberts, W. Adolphe): 125-130
Peacock Alley (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
Taking Stock (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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