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1910 — 1922
Vol. 69, No. 1
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1922-09-01 152 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents: 1-1
Red Stars of the Night (Reese, Lizette Woodworth): 2-2
The Little Red Book (Shaw, Charles G.): 3-4
The Yellow Hope (Paramore, Edward E.): 5-12
'The Mother's Heart' (Barrett, Richmond Brooks): 13-35
Young Girls (Tanaquil, Paul): 36-36
Visitation (Morton, David): 36-36
Lindaman (Jones, Carter Brooke): 37-41
Love and Marriage (Torcross, John): 42-42
Répétition Générale (Mencken, H. L.): 43-47
The Frustrate Song (O'Neil, George): 47-47
The Helpmeet (Lister, Walter B.): 48-50
Wanderers (Suckow, Ruth): 51-62
Alibi (Seabrook, C. R.): 63-68
Trivia (Lee, Muna): 68-68
Man in Love (Shaw, Charles G.): 69-70
For a Man of Your Age (Winslow, Thyra Samter): 71-80
The Nietzschean Follies. The Muse of Lies. VIII (De Casseres, Benjamin): 81-83
The Wraith of Pompilius (McClure, John): 84-86
Four More Little Stories (Lucatelli, Luigi): 87-90
Transition (Upper, Joseph): 91-97
Her Heart Was Curiously Wrought (Anderson, Maxwell): 97-97
The Collector (Redman, Ben Ray): 98-98
The Professor of Suicide (Pharo, Eugene M.): 99-102
If I Were Master (Gilbert, Morris): 102-102
Thirty-Four Footnotes for an Autobiography (Edson, C. L.): 103-106
The Wife's Side (Mason, Laura Kent): 107-114
Reflection after a Kiss (Lister, Walter B.): 114-114
De Profundis (Thaddeus, Victor): 115-119
Scholar (Hall, Amanda Benjamin): 119-119
Opinions (Jarrod, Jay): 120-120
The Stranger at the Gate (Sterling, George): 120-120
The Prophet (Dane, Yardley): 121-122
Victoria (Munyan, Arthur T.): 123-128
The County Seat (Kilman, Julian): 129-130
Undeveloped Notes (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
The Coroner's Inquest (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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