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1903 — 1917
No. 7
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1904-07-01 76 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
List of Plates by Thoedore and Oscar Hofmeister. I-VI: 3-3
The Solitary Horseman. Plate I (Hofmeister, Theodore): 5-5
Dachau. Plate II (Hofmeister, Theodore): 7-7
Meadow-Brook. Plate III (Hofmeister, Theodore): 9-9
The Churchgoers. Plate IV (Hofmeister, Theodore): 11-11
A Village Corner. Plate V (Hofmeister, Theodore): 13-13
Sea Calm. Plate VI (Hofmeister, Theodore): 16-16
The Solitary Horseman (Hartmann, Sadakichi): 17-18
Theodore and Oscar Hofmeister, of Hamburg (Juhl, Ernst): 18-20
Pros and Cons. What Constitutes an 'Artist'?. I (Evans, Frederick H.): 21-24
The Technique of Mystery and Blurred Effects (Allan, Sidney): 24-26
List of Plates by Robert Demachy. I-II: 27-27
Behind the Scenes. Plate I (Demachy, Robert): 29-29
Speed. Plate II (Demachy, Robert): 31-31
The Gum-Print (Demachy, Robert): 33-37
On the Appreciation of Vanity (Kerfoot, J. B.): 38-39
Foreign Exhibitions and the Photo-Secession--Notes: 39-40
Our Illustrations: 41-41
Is Photography a Recognized Science? (Boursault, A. K.): 41-42
About Focal Length (Holst, L. J. R.): 43-44
A Photographic Ray-Filter Which Is Not a Color-Screen (Ives, Frederic E.): 44-45
Things Worth Looking Into: 45-46
List of Plates by Eduard J. Steichen and Mary Devens. I-II: 47-47
Sadakichi Hartmann. Plate I (Steichen, Eduard J.): 49-49
The Ferry, Concarneau. Plate II (Devens, Mary): 51-51
An Appeal to Our Subscribers: Temporary Change of Address (Stieglitz, Alfred): 53-53
The Next Number of Camera Work: 54-54
Advertisements: adv1-adv20
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