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1903 — 1917
No. 31
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1910-07-01 92 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
List of Plates by Frank Eugene: 3-3
H. R. H. Rupprecht, Prince of Bavaria. Plate I (Eugene, Frank): 5-5
Fritz v. Uhde. Plate II (Eugene, Frank): 7-7
Prof. Adolf Hengeler. Plate III (Eugene, Frank): 9-9
Prof. Franz v. Stuck. Plate IV (Eugene, Frank): 11-11
Willi Geiger. Plate V (Eugene, Frank): 13-13
Prof. Adolf v. Seitz. Plate VI (Eugene, Frank): 15-15
Dr. Georg Hirth. Plate VII (Eugene, Frank): 17-17
Dr. Emanuel Lasker and His Brother. Plate VIII (Eugene, Frank): 19-19
The New Thought Which Is Old (Caffin, Charles H.): 21-24
The Fourth Dimension from a Plastic Point of View (Weber, Max): 25-25
Thoughts—: From a Note-Book (Sharp, William): 26-26
The Brain and the World (de Casseres, Benjamin): 27-28
Visions of the Nude (S. H.): 29-31
De Zayas (S. H.): 31-33
The Land of Delusion (Van Noppen, Leonard): 33-34
List of Plates by Frank Eugene: 35-35
Kimono: Frl. v. S.. Plate IX (Eugene, Frank): 37-37
Frau Ludwig von Hohlwein. Plate X (Eugene, Frank): 39-39
Photo-Secession Notes (P. B. H.): 41-42
'The Younger American Painters' and the Press: Reprinted and New Criticism of the Photo-Secession Exhibition (Huneker, James): 43-49
On the 'Independent' Artists Exhibition at the Photo-Secession Gallery (Huneker, James): 49-51
Chinese Dolls and Modern Colorists (Weber, Max): 51-51
A Daniel Comes to Judgment: The State of 'Art' Photography: 52-52
A Daniel Comes to Judgment: Commentary on 'The State of "Art" Photography' (Editors of 'Camera Work'): 52-54
Our Plates: 54-54
List of Plates by Frank Eugene: 55-55
Nude: A Child. Plate XI (Eugene, Frank): 57-57
'Hortensia'. Plate XII (Eugene, Frank): 59-59
Nude: A Study. Plate XIII (Eugene, Frank): 61-61
Direktor F. Goetz. Plate XIV (Eugene, Frank): 63-63
What Is Beauty? (Keiley, Joseph T.): 65-68
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