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1903 — 1917
No. 38
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1912-04-01 76 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
List of Plates by Annie W. Brigman: 3-3
The Cleft of the Rock. Plate I (Brigman, Annie W.): 5-5
Dawn. Plate II (Brigman, Annie W.): 7-7
Finis. Plate III (Brigman, Annie W.): 9-9
The Wondrous Globe. Plate IV (Brigman, Annie W.): 11-11
The Pool. Plate V (Brigman, Annie W.): 13-13
The Ironical in Art (De Casseres, Benjamin): 17-19
The Esthetic Significance of the Motion Picture (Hartmann, Sadakichi): 19-21
Our Illustrations: 22-22
List of Plates by Karl F. Struss: 23-23
Ducks, Lake Como. Plate I (Struss, Karl F.): 25-25
Sunday Morning Chester, Nova Scotia. Plate II (Struss, Karl F.): 27-27
The Outlook, Villa Carlotta. Plate III (Struss, Karl F.): 29-29
On the East River, New York. Plate IV (Struss, Karl F.): 31-31
Broken Melodies (Hartmann, Sadakichi): 33-35
Photo-Secession Notes (Haviland, Paul B.): 36-37
Reprinted Criticism of the Baron Ad. de Meyer Exhibition (Lloyd, David): 37-39
Reprinted Criticism of the Gelett Burgess Exhibition (Hoeber, Arthur): 39-40
Reprinted Criticism of the Arthur B. Carles, Marsden Hartley, and Max Weber Exhibitions (Tyrrell, Henry): 40-44
Reprinted Criticism of the Arthur G. Dove Exhibition (Chamberlin, J. Edgar): 44-45
Reprinted Criticism of the Matisse Exhibition (Hoeber, Arthur): 45-46
List of Plates by Karl F. Struss: 47-47
Capri. Plate V (Struss, Karl F.): 49-49
The Landing Place, Villa Carlotta. Plate VI (Struss, Karl F.): 51-51
Over the House Tops, Missen. Plate VII (Struss, Karl F.): 53-53
The Cliffs, Sorrento. Plate VIII (Struss, Karl F.): 55-55
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