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1903 — 1917
Special Number: Matisse, Picasso, and Stein
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1912-08-01 56 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
Editorial: 3-4
Henri Matisse: Seven Reproductions of His Work: 5-5
Blue Nude (Matisse, Henri): 7-7
The Joy of Life (Matisse, Henri): 9-9
Bathers with a Turtle (Matisse, Henri): 11-11
Statuette and Vases on an Oriental Carpet (Matisse, Henri): 13-13
Hair-Dressing (Matisse, Henri): 15-15
Sculpture: Reclining Nude I (Matisse, Henri): 17-17
Sculpture: Figure Decorative (Matisse, Henri): 19-19
Henri Matisse (Stein, Gertrude): 23-25
Pablo Picasso: Seven Reproductions of His Work: 27-27
Pablo Picasso (Stein, Gertrude): 29-30
The Wandering Acrobats (Picasso, Pablo): 31-31
Cubist Head (Picasso, Pablo): 33-33
Spanish Village: The Reservoir, Horta de Ebro (Picasso, Pablo): 35-35
Portrait, M. Kahnweiler (Picasso, Pablo): 37-37
Drawing: Standing Female Nude (Picasso, Pablo): 39-39
Sculpture: Head of a Woman (Fernande), Front View (Picasso, Pablo): 41-41
Sculpture: Head of a Woman (Fernande), Side View (Picasso, Pablo): 43-43
Editorial Note on the Illustrations: 46-46
Advertisements: adv1-adv8
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