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1903 — 1917
No. 45
Stieglitz, Alfred (editor)
New York: Alfred Stieglitz, 1914-01-01 64 p.; 30 x 20 cm.
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Contents Publisher's Page: 1-1
List of Plates by J. Craig Annan: 3-3
A Blind Musician: Granada. Plate I (Annan, J. Craig): 5-5
A Gitana: Granada. Plate II (Annan, J. Craig): 7-7
A Carpenter's Shop: Toledo. Plate III (Annan, J. Craig): 9-9
Group on a Hill Road: Granada. Plate IV (Annan, J. Craig): 11-11
Aphorisms on Futurism (Loy, Mina): 13-15
Exhibitions at '291' (Haviland, Paul B.): 16-16
From the Catalogue of the Marsden Hartley Exhibition: Three Forewords (Dodge, Mabel): 16-18
Reprinted Criticism of the Marsden Hartley Exhibition (McBride): 19-23
Reprinted Criticism of the Second Children's Exhibition (Caffin, Charles H.): 23-25
On the First Children's Exhibition Held at '291' (Storey, Walter): 25-25
Reprinted Criticism of the Brancusi Exhibition (Caffin, Charles H.): 26-26
List of Plates by J. Craig Annan: 27-27
Bridge of St. Martin: Toledo. Plate V (Annan, J. Craig): 29-29
Plate VI Old Church: Burgos (Annan, J. Craig): 31-31
A Square: Ronda. Plate VII (Annan, J. Craig): 33-33
A Gateway: Segovia. Plate VIII (Annan, J. Craig): 35-35
Reprinted Criticism of the Frank Burty Exhibition (Caffin, Charles H.): 40-43
Our Illustrations: 44-44
The Next Number of Camera Work: 44-44
Exhibitions of Photograph for '291': 44-44
Advertisements: adv1-adv16
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