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1910 — 1922
Vol. 60, No. 4
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1919-12-01 152 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. Man with Top Hat, Lady with Fan: A-A
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Christian, Pagan and Iconoclast (Munson, Gorham B.): 1-1
Telegrams (Miller, Agnes): 2-2
Witch-Fire (Sterling, George): 2-2
What Is Isn't: (A Complete Novelette) (Wayne, Charles Stokes): 3-40
East and West (Dunsany): 41-42
Twilight of Love (Hussey, L. M.): 43-51
The Alpine Wanderers (Wilkinson, Florence): 51-51
First Hand Knowledge (Varr, Dennison): 52-52
Two Dreams Dwell in Her Eyes (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 52-52
On Receiving a Luncheon Invitation (Mason, Laura Kent): 53-55
My Dreams (Tanaquil, Paul): 55-55
They Shall Know (Cook, Harold): 56-56
The Dawn (Cavendish, John C.): 57-63
The Lake (Gaither, Frances O. J.): 55-55
The Power of Love (Parkhurst, Withrop): 64-64
My Life Is Glad (Kemp, Harry): 64-64
Répétition Générale (Nathan, George Jean): 65-72
Burning Leaves (O'Neil, George): 72-72
The Negligible Ones (Crane, Mifflin): 73-74
Harpsichord (Parkhurst, Winthrop): 74-74
Lost Love (Dallett, Morris): 75-81
The Right Thing (La Forrest, Frank): 81-81
Heredity (Mitchell, T. F.): 82-82
Nocturne (Allen, Jean): 82-82
The Beanstalk: (One act of a play) (Mosher, John Chapin): 83-87
The Reward of Modesty (Dallas, James): 88-88
Dusk (Eberle, Irmengarde): 88-88
Two Gentlemen of Caracas (Hussey, L. M.): 89-97
The Source (Mitchell, T. F.): 98-98
The Years Ahead (Lee, Muna): 99-101
Lines Written on a Day of Doubt (Griffiths, Virginie): 101-101
Seeing Things (Temple, John): 102-102
On Winter Nights (McClure, John): 102-102
Aunt Ida (Winslow, Thyra Samter): 103-115
Rattlesnake Mountain Fable (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 115-115
Heavenly Sophists (Lazar, Maurice): 116-118
The Octogenarian (Anderson, C. Farley): 119-125
The Evil Doers (Lord, John F.): 125-125
A Jest in the Household (Levick, Milnes): 126-128
Fragment (Haardt, Sara): 128-128
Le Cas de M. Paterne (Allorge, Henri): 129-130
The Game (Deutsch, Babette): 130-130
Criticism at a Gallop (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
Exeunt Omnes (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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