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1910 — 1922
Vol. 55, No. 2
Nathan, George Jean (editor)
New York: Smart Set Company, Inc., 1918-06-01 152 p.; 25 x 17 cm.
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Contents Cover Image. [Woman with Umbrella] (Pressler, George): A-A
Front Advertisements: adv1-adv3
Contents: adv4-adv4
The New Song (Cook, Harold): 1-1
On Being in Love (Hamilton, John): 2-2
If Hearts Were Stars (Bolling, Bertha): 2-2
The Deadly Perfection (Barrett, Lillian Foster): 3-33
The Fisherman (O'Neil, George): 33-33
Comfort (Drake, James): 34-34
Their Kisses (Coolidge, Karl R.): 34-34
The Exoneration of Young Dass (Hussey, L. M.): 35-40
Darling (Stephens, James): 41-44
How Little Knows the Caliph (Wattles, Willard): 44-44
The Happy Hangman (Brighouse, Harold): 45-51
Love Song (Jenkins, George B.): 52-52
Lady of Delight (McClure, John): 52-52
The Lyric Love Affair of Lucien La Cross (Sangster, Margaret E.): 53-57
Ruse (Gibson, June): 58-58
Summer Storm (Teasdale, Sara): 58-58
Pillars of Society (Kline, Burton): 59-63
That Reminds Me (McEldowney, Elliott): 64-64
Le Cynge (O'Neil, George): 64-64
The Man with One Wife (Hecht, Ben): 65-70
In Silence (Stork, Charles Wharton): 70-70
The Miracle (Towne, Charles Hanson): 71-73
Appreciation (Trask, Patience): 73-73
My Wife Is Contented (Jameson, George): 74-74
Above Par (Mitchell, T. F.): 74-74
Brampton Ford's Last Battle (Smith, George Jay): 75-80
Blow, Ye Blithe Airs (Scollard, Clinton): 80-80
The Obsequies (Morgan, J. L.): 81-86
Femina (Zerner, Charles S.): 86-86
Miracles (Gilbert, Morris): 86-86
The Kitchen Amourette (Crane, Mifflin): 87-92
Handshakes (Woljeska, Helen): 92-92
Belief (Flexner, Hortense): 92-92
Cobwebs and Starshine (Watson, E. L. Grant): 93-97
I Love My Husband (Canfield, Ruth): 98-98
Shackles (Morton, David): 98-98
Eva Duveen (Winslow, Thyra Samter): 99-110
Extase (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 110-110
The Thug (Wright, Richardson): 111-113
Tragi-Comedy (Thomas, William Devon): 114-114
Nausica Sings before the Coming of Ulysses (MacMillan, Mary): 114-114
The Man That Disappeared (Hostetter, Van Vechten): 115-123
Lures (Deutsch, Babette): 123-123
Day Dreams (Allen, Mary): 124-124
Humoresque (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 124-124
Limelight (Pape, Lee): 125-128
Le Sabot de Cherinina (Lahaye, Edmond): 129-130
The Popular Play (Nathan, George Jean): 131-137
Hark, Hark, the Lark! (Mencken, H. L.): 138-144
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