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1898 — 1899
Vol. 1, No. 2

Spokane, Washington: The Dilettante Publishing Co., 1898-05-01 36 p.; 8 x 5.5 in.
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Contents Sesostris (Mifflin, Lloyd): 1-1
The Literary Wayside. Shakesperean Peculiarities (Comstock, J. M.): 2-7
The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Dr. Weir Mitchell's 'Hugh Wynne': 7-8
The Literary Wayside. Mrs. Atherton's Latest Book: Book Review of Gertrude Atherton's 'Patience Sparhawk and Her Times': 8-10
The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Mrs. Burnett's 'A Lady of Quality': 10-11
The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Hildegarde Hawthorne's 'The Fairest of the Fair': 11-11
The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Elizabeth Phipps Train's 'A Queen of Hearts': 11-12
The Literary Wayside. Literary Notes: 12-13
The Literary Wayside. Magazines and Periodicals: 14-14
At the Sign of the Frying Pan: 15-25
In Algiers (Blakie, Arthur): 25-25
Sage-Brush Sketches. II (McLean, Nancy): 26-29
The Point of View: 29-31
In Jocund Mood. The Dogs of War: 31-32
Two Swordsmen: Tailpiece Drawing for 'In Jocund Mood': 32-32
Dilettante: The: 32-32
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