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1898 — 1899
Vol. 1, No. 8

Spokane, Washington: The Dilettante Publishing Co., 1898-11-01 36 p.; 20.3 x 14 cm.
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Contents Front Advertisements: B-B
A Night's Lodging: 1-7
Sage-Brush Sketches. VIII (McLean, Nancy): 8-16
In Jocund Mood. The Necessary Conclusion: 16-16
In Jocund Mood. 'Johnson': 16-18
In Jocund Mood. The Fads for November: 18-18
Our Note-Book. Our Medieval Country Roads: 18-19
Our Note-Book. The Eastern Idea of the Nobel Red Man: 19-20
The Literary Wayside. The Springs of Taste: 21-21
The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Ella Higginson's 'When the Birds Go North Again': 21-22
The Literary Wayside. Edward Bellymy's Last Book: Book Review of Edward Bellamy's 'The Blindman's World': 22-23
The Literary Wayside. A Few of the Autumn Books: 23-25
The Literary Wayside. Magazines and Periodicals: 25-26
A Perfect Day (Higginson, Ella): 26-26
Rambles in England. II (Zillwood, Kate): 27-29
From an Old Parterre (Gibbs, Rufus M.): 32-32
The Dilettante: [Publication Notice]: 32-32
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