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1914 — 1915
Number 1
Lewis, Wyndham (editor)
London: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1914-06-20 212 p.; 30.5 x 24.8 cm.
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Contents Contents: 5-6
Long Live the Vortex!: 7-8
Manifesto. I: 11-28
Newcastle (Wadsworth, Edward): 29-29
Manifesto. II: 30-43
Salutation the Third (Pound, Ezra): 45-45
Monumentum Aere, Etc. (Pound, Ezra): 46-46
Come My Cantilations (Pound, Ezra): 46-46
Before Sleep (Pound, Ezra): 47-47
His Vision of a Certain Lady Post Mortem (Pound, Ezra): 48-48
Epitaphs (Pound, Ezra): 48-48
Fratres Minores (Pound, Ezra): 48-48
Cape of Good Hope (Wadsworth, Edward): i-i
A Short Flight (Wadsworth, Edward): ii-ii
March (Wadsworth, Edward): iii-iii
Radiation (Wadsworth, Edward): iv-iv
Women Before a Shop (Pound, Ezra): 49-49
L'Art (Pound, Ezra): 49-49
The New Cake of Soap (Pound, Ezra): 49-49
Meditatio (Pound, Ezra): 49-49
Pastoral (Pound, Ezra): 50-50
Enemy of the Stars (Lewis, Wyndham): 51-85
Plan of War (Lewis, Wyndham): va-va
Timon of Athens (Lewis, Wyndham): v-v
Slow Attack (Lewis, Wyndham): vi-vi
Decoration for the Countess of Drogheda's House (Lewis, Wyndham): vii-vii
Portrait of an Englishwoman (Lewis, Wyndham): viii-viii
The Enemy of the Stars (Lewis, Wyndham): viiia-viiia
The Saddest Story (Hueffer, Ford Madox): 87-97
Head (Etchells, Frederick): ix-ix
Head (Etchells, Frederick): x-x
Patchopolis (Etchells, Frederick): xi-xi
Dieppe (Etchells, Frederick): xii-xii
Dancers (Roberts, W.): xiii-xiii
Religion (Roberts, W.): xiv-xiv
Indissoluble Matrimony (West, Rebecca): 98-117
'Inner Necessity': Book Review of 'Uber das Geistige in der Kurst' ('Concerning the Spiritual in Art') by Wassily Kandinsky (Wadsworth, Edward): 119-125
Drawing (Epstein, Jacob): xv-xv
Drawing (Epstein, Jacob): xvi-xvi
Stags (Gaudier Brzeska): xvii-xvii
Group (Hamilton, Cuthbert): xviii-xviii
Vortices and Notes. 'Life is the Important Thing!' (Lewis, Wyndham): 129-131
Vortices and Notes. Futurism, Magic and Life (Lewis, Wyndham): 132-135
Vortices and Notes. Note on Some German Woodcuts at the Twenty-One Gallery (Lewis, Wyndham): 136-136
Vortices and Notes. Policeman and Artist (Lewis, Wyndham): 137-137
Vortices and Notes. Feng Shui and Contemporary Form (Lewis, Wyndham): 138-138
Vortices and Notes. Relativism and Picasso's Latest Work (Lewis, Wyndham): 139-140
Vortices and Notes. The New Egos (Lewis, Wyndham): 141-141
Vortices and Notes. Orchestra of Media (Lewis, Wyndham): 142-142
Vortices and Notes. The Melodrama of Modernity (Lewis, Wyndham): 143-144
Vortices and Notes. The Exploitation of Vulgarity (Lewis, Wyndham): 145-145
Vortices and Notes. The Improvement of Life (Lewis, Wyndham): 146-146
Vortices and Notes. Our Vortex (Lewis, Wyndham): 147-149
Frederick Spencer Gore (Lewis, Wyndham): 150-150
To Suffragettes: 151-152
Brighton Pier (Gore, Spencer): xix-xix
Richmond Houses (Gore, Spencer): xx-xx
Vortex. Pound: 153-154
Vortex. Gaudier Brzeska: 155-158
Back Advertisements: 159-F
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