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1914 — 1915
Number 2
Lewis, Wyndham (editor)
London: John Lane, the Bodley Head, 1915-07-01 112 p.; 30.5 x 24.8 cm.
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Contents Cover Image: Before Antwerp (Lewis, Wyndham): i-i
Contents: 3-3
Designs: 4-4
Editorial: 5-6
Notice to Public: 7-7
Island of Laputa (Sanders): 8-8
The God of Sport and Blood (Lewis, Wyndham): 9-10
Constantinople Our Star (Lewis, Wyndham): 11-11
Mr. Shaw's Effect on My Friend (Lewis, Wyndham): 12-12
A Super-Krupp—or War's End (Lewis, Wyndham): 13-14
The European War and Great Communities (Lewis, Wyndham): 15-16
Hyde Park (Etchells): 17-17
Dogmatic Statement on the Game and Play of Chess: Theme for a Series of Pictures (Pound, Ezra): 19-19
The Social Order. I-II (Pound, Ezra): 20-20
Ancient Music (Pound, Ezra): 20-20
Gnomic Verses (Pound, Ezra): 21-21
Our Contemporaries (Pound, Ezra): 21-21
Our Respectful Homages to M. Laurent Tailhade (Pound, Ezra): 21-21
Ancient Wisdom, rather cosmic (Pound, Ezra): 22-22
Et Faim Sallir le Loup des Boys (Pound, Ezra): 22-22
Artists and the War (Lewis, Wyndham): 23-24
The Exploitation of Blood (Lewis, Wyndham): 24-24
The Six Hundred, Verestchagin and Uccello (Lewis, Wyndham): 25-26
Marinetti's Occupation (Lewis, Wyndham): 26-26
The Engine (Dismorr): 27-27
Design (Dismorr): 29-29
Types of the Russian Army (Kramer): 31-31
Vortex Gaudier-Brzeska: (Written from the Trenches) (Gaudier-Brzeska): 33-34
Mort pour la Patrie: 34-34
Snow Scene (Shakespeare): 35-35
The Old Houses of Flanders (Hueffer, Ford Madox): 37-37
A Review of Contemporary Art (Lewis, Wyndham): 38-47
Preludes. I-IV (Eliot, T. S.): 48-49
Rhapsody of a Windy Night (Eliot, T. S.): 50-51
Progression (Etchells): 53-53
Combat (Roberts): 55-55
Atlantic City (Sanders): 57-57
Rotterdam (Wadsworth): 59-59
War-Engine (Wadsworth): 61-61
Design for 'Red Duet' (Lewis, Wyndham): 63-63
Monologue (Dismorr, Jessie): 65-65
London Notes (Dismorr, Jessie): 66-66
June Night (Dismorr, Jessie): 67-68
Promenade (Dismorr, Jessie): 69-69
Payment (Dismorr, Jessie): 69-69
Matilda (Dismorr, Jessie): 69-69
The Art of the Great Race (Lewis, Wyndham): 70-72
A Vision of Mud (Sanders, H.): 73-74
Design for Programme Cover—Kermesse (Lewis, Wyndham): 75-75
The London Group: 1915 (March) (Lewis, Wyndham): 77-79
Modern Caricature and Impressionism: 1915 (March) (Lewis, Wyndham): 79-79
History of the Largest Independent Society in England (Lewis, Wyndham): 80-81
Life Has No Taste (Lewis, Wyndham): 82-82
American Art (Lewis, Wyndham): 82-82
Head of Ezra Pound (Gaudier-Brzeska): 84-84
Chronicles (Pound, Ezra): 85-86
Drawing (Roberts): 87-87
On the Way to the Trenches (Nevinson): 89-89
Vortex No. 1: Art Vortex. Be Thyself. (Lewis, Wyndham): 91-91
Blasts and Blesses: 92-93
The Crowd Master: 1914. London, July. (Lewis, Wyndham): 94-102
Back Advertisements: 103-108
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