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No. 1
Graves, Robert (editor)
London: Martin Secker, 1919-05-01
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Contents Foreword: 1-1
The Master and the Leaves (Hardy, Thomas): 5-5
Sonnet (Masefield, John): 6-6
Spring (Bianco, Pamela): III-III
Song (Squire, J. C.): 7-7
Ghost-Raddled (Graves, Robert): 8-8
Fable: Pianotuner and the Scorpions, The: V-V
A Frosty Night (Graves, Robert): 9-9
Sporting Acquaintances (Sassoon, Siegfried): 10-10
A Letter from William Orpen (Orpen, William): VII-VII
What the Captain Said at the Point-to-Point (Sassoon, Siegfried): 11-11
Love Impeached (Davies, W. H.): 12-12
The Careless Lady (Nicholson, Nancy): IX-IX
The Ape (Turner, W. J.): 13-13
Three Songs of the Enigma (Nichols, Robert): 14-15
Summer (Bianco, Pamela): XI-XI
Love--A Dream (Turner, W. J.): 16-17
A Clergyman (Beerbohm, Max): 18-22
The Senior Service (Caldecott, Randalph): XIII-XIII
Lottie's Daughter (Kennington, Eric): XV-XV
Mrs. Harris (Belcher, George): XVII-XVII
The Sun (Galsworthy, John): 23-27
The Indian (Crawhall, Joseph): XIX-XIX
Trivia (Smith, L. Pearsall): 28-29
Fable, Two: XXI-XXI
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