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1912 — 1922
Vol. 14, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1919-09-01 84 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Memories: The Voice (Teasdale, Sara): 291-292
Memories: The Long Hill (Teasdale, Sara): 292-292
Memories: Spring Torrents (Teasdale, Sara): 293-293
Memories: What Do I Care (Teasdale, Sara): 293-293
Memories: My Heart is Heavy (Teasdale, Sara): 293-294
Memories: It Is Not a Word (Teasdale, Sara): 294-294
Memories: Song (Teasdale, Sara): 294-294
The Cloud Descends (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 295-300
Monodies: Montezuma (Winters, A. Y.): 301-301
Monodies: Wild Horses (Winters, A. Y.): 301-302
Monodies: On the Mesa (Winters, A. Y.): 302-302
Monodies: Concerning Blake (Winters, A. Y.): 303-304
Monodies: The Old Weep Gently (Winters, A. Y.): 304-304
Monodies: Little Rabbit (Winters, A. Y.): 304-305
The Conqueror (Rorty, James): 306-307
Wanderings: In the Middle West (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 308-308
Wanderings: Sea Gulls (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 308-309
Wanderings: The Apple Tree Said (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 309-309
Wanderings: I Pray You (Davies, Mary Carolyn): 309-309
The Bookshop (Lowell, Amy): 310-311
Peach-Color to a Soap-Bubble (Lowell, Amy): 311-311
The Artist (Lowell, Amy): 311-312
Autumn (Lowell, Amy): 312-312
Balls (Lowell, Amy): 313-313
Good Gracious! (Lowell, Amy): 313-313
The Day of Summer: Morning (Carnevali, Emanuel): 314-321
The Day of Summer: Noon (Carnevali, Emanuel): 321-323
The Day of Summer: Afternoon (Carnevali, Emanuel): 323-324
The Day of Summer: Evening (Carnevali, Emanuel): 324-325
The Day of Summer: Night (Carnevali, Emanuel): 325-327
Back to Nature (Monroe, Harriet): 328-330
A Note on Primitive Poetry (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 330-335
Book Review: 'Motley and other Poems' by Walter de la Mare (Monroe, Harriet): 335-338
Book Review: 'War and Love' by Richard Aldington (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 338-341
Book Review: 'Songs of the Celtic Past' by Norreys Jephson O'Connor (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 341-342
Book Review: 'Messines et Autres Poèmes' by Emile Cammaerts (Freer, Agnes Lee): 342-343
Concerning Hilda Conkling (Sapir, E.): 344-344
Concerning Hilda Conkling (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 344-345
Concerning Hilda Conkling (Driscoll, Louise): 345-346
A Poet's Handbook (Winters, A. Y.): 346-346
Our Motto (Fischer, Raymond P.): 347-347
Notes: 347-348
Books Received: 348-348
Advertisements: E-H
Staff and Subscribers: i-ii
Contents of Volume IV: iii-viii
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