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1914 — 1922
Vol. 5, No. 5
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1918-09-01 68 p.; 21.9 x 14.3 cm
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Contents Contents: B-B
In Memory of Robert Gregory (Yeats, William Butler): 1-4
The Western School (Jepson, Edgar): 4-9
Sweeney and the Nightingales (Eliot, T. S.): 10-11
Whispers of Immortality (Eliot, T. S.): 11-12
Dans le Restaurant (Eliot, T. S.): 12-13
Mr. Eliot's Sunday Morning Service (Eliot, T. S.): 13-14
Ulysses. Episode VI (Joyce, James): 15-37
Senility (Anderson, Sherwood): 37-39
Decay (Hecht, Ben): 39-47
Books (Rodker, John): 47-50
The Notes for 'The Ivory Tower' (Pound, Ezra): 50-53
Women and Men. Average People. VI (Hueffer, Ford Madox): 54-59
The Reader Critic. Divagations (Hartley, Marsden): 59-62
The Reader Critic. From California: 62-62
The Reader Critic. On the American Number (E. P.): 62-64
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