Pseudonyms, pen names, and name variants in The New Age

Many authors in the MJP journals (and especially in The New Age) published under one or more pseudonyms; others typically used pen names when publishing, and still others spelled their names differently on different occasions. To help you locate these authors using the MJP search engine, we offer the following resources.

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Pseudonyms, Pen Names, and Name Variants in The New Age

Pseudonym, Pen Name, or Variant Real Name Notes
A. E. R. Randall, Alfred E.
A. M. Hastings, Beatrice Initials of “Alice Morning”
A. M. A. Hastings, Beatrice
AE Russell, George
Alcofrida ?
Arlen, Michael Kouyoumdjian, Dikran
Atheling, William Pound, Ezra
Avalon ?
B. H. Hastings, Beatrice ?
B. L. H. Hastings, Beatrice Initials of “Beatrice L. Hutchins”
Bagman, Holbein Richards, Professor P. E.
Bechhofer, C. E. Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer 8-30; spelling change 19.371 from Bechhöfer to Bechhofer
Bechhöfer, C. E. Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer 8-30; spelling change 19.371 from Bechhöfer to Bechhofer
Bechhöfer-Roberts, C. E. Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer
Bland, Edith Nesbit Nesbit, Edith
Bland, Fabian Nesbit, Edith
Brook-Farmer, Charles Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer
Buzfuz, Serjeant Ervine, St. John Born John Greer Irvine.
Caliban ?
Carnegie, John Brown, Ivor
Cheerer, A ?
Civilian ?
Congreve, R. H. Orage, A. R.
Cosmoi, M. M. Orage, A. R. and Mitrinović, Dimitrije Both atuhors wrote under this name through 9 Dec. 1920.
Cosmoi, M. M. Mitrinović, Dimitrije Mitrinović alone is “Cosmoi” from 16 Dec. 1920 on.
Cruz Maetzu, Ramiro de ? Cruz writes to laud Maeztu articles.
Cynicus Hastings, Beatrice
Dias, B. H. Pound, Ezra
Diaconus ?
D. Mitrinović, Dimitrije Vol. 29 only.
E. H. Hastings, Beatrice
E. M. Muir, Edwin
Ephesian Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer
Eric, Carl Roberts, Carl Eric Bechhofer
Exile, An ?
F. ?
Fabian of 1900, A ?
Farley, Anthony Hobson, S. G.
Field, Robert a Hastings, Beatrice
Filioque Mitrinović, Dimitrije
Flavus ?
Flavus Secondus ?
Gratton, Thomas Hulme, T. E.
Greville ?
Hastings, Beatrice Haigh, Emily Alice “Beatrice Hastings” is in fact Haigh’s pen name, but since it’s the name she’s most recognized by, we’ve also included it in the “real name” column as distinct from her many pseudonyms.
Hengist Muir, Edwin ?
Hope, John Francis Randall, Alfred E.
Hutchins, Beatrice L. Hastings, Beatrice
Ipsissimus Nemo ?
Ireland, Michael Figgis, Darrell
Juvenal ?
King, Beatrice L. Hastings, Beatrice
Kosmopolites ?
L’Audace ?
L’Hibou ?
Livy ?
Longclothes, Ninon de Hastings, Beatrice
Lucifer ?
Maetzu, Ramiro de Maeztu, Ramiro de
Man in the Street ?
Marshall, Beatrice Hastings, Beatrice
Mombasa ?
Moore, Edward Muir, Edwin
Morning, Alice Hastings, Beatrice
N. Norman, Clarence H.
Nesbit, E. Nesbit, Edith
Olim Africanus ?
Oxon, M. B. Wallace, Lewis Alexander
Oxonian ?
Pastiche, Peter ?
Press-cutter ?
Proude, Jasper Howard, Brian
R. H. C. Orage, A. R.
R. M. Maetzu, Ramiro de ? Wallace Martin says Maeztu started contributing when his name first appeared in vol. 17, but there are articles signed R. M. in almost every volume (this doesn’t happen with other unidentified initials) + Maeztu and R. M. have similar titles/subjects.
Rifleman, A ?
Romney Green, Arthur Romney ? uncertain, but based on middle name and dates of contributions
Scipian ?
Sheehy-Skeffington, F. Skeffington, Francis
Squib ?
Stafford, Edward Hastings, Beatrice
Stanhope of Chester Norman, Clarence H.
T. K. L. Hastings, Beatrice
T. W. Hastings, Beatrice
Tina, Beatrice Hastings, Beatrice
Titt, Tom Rosciszewski, Jan Junosza de
Tonson, Jacob Bennett, Arnold
Triboulet Triboulet, John ? Various pastiche, a few (20.11262) w/ full name.
Triformis, D. Hastings, Beatrice
V. M. Hastings, Beatrice
Vectis ?
Verax ?
Verdad, S. Kennedy, J. M. Kennedy is “Verdad” until fall 1918.
Verdad, S. Orage, A. R. Orage is “Verdad” from fall 1918 onward.
Visiak, E. H. Physik, Edward Harold “Visiak” was Physik’s pen name.
Volker Gutkind, Erich
Warnock, Leighton Kennedy, J. M.
West, S. Robert Hastings, Beatrice
Whiz, G. Hastings, Beatrice
Wilson, J. Hastings, Beatrice
X. Hughes, Herbert At least through 1911/8—there are items signed X or “X” through vol 26/1920.
Your Reluctant Father ?
Zarathustrian ?
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