Text Analysis of the Marsden Journals

Here, finally, is an overview of what the three journals look like when viewed as a giant collection of words. We derived this information from MJP text transcripts for individual issues of the Freewoman, New Freewoman and Egoist, which we disaggregated into several separate genre files for each journal (available for study here), and then recombined into three master collections, one for each journal, as well as a mega-master collection that includes the words of all three journals. We then uploaded these materials to Voyant Tools, a “web-based reading and analysis environment for digital texts” produced by Stefan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell that stores and processes the words for us.

Please note that the text collections below represent the contents of each magazine issue: we’ve left out any front matter, including words on the magazine’s cover and its contents page. But all advertisements that appeared in the magazine (and on its covers) are represented here.

After you click on any of the above links to Voyant, you’ll be able to investigate the contents of each journal (or the journals combined) using various tools available there. This includes creating words clouds–and as a preview of that, here’s what the word clouds for the contents of the Freewoman, New Freewoman, and Egoist (in that order below, from top to bottom) look like. (By clicking on any word within the word clouds below, you’ll be taken to the Voyant page that gives data about that word in the journal.)

Some Results

Here’s an instance of what we can do with the word totals foregrounded in the charts above:

If you’re interested in studying the words that make up the separate genre sections of each journal, click here.

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