Temporal layout of Dora Marsden's little magazines.

Timeline of Dora Marsden’s Journals: The Freewoman, The New Freewoman, and The Egoist

The above timeline represents the three magazines that Dora Marsden published and edited (along with Mary Gawthorpe, Harriet Shaw Weaver, Rebecca West, Ezra Pound, Richard Aldington, H. D., Leonard Compton-Rickett, and T. S. Eliot) between November 1911 and December 1919: The Freewoman (11 months: Nov 23 1911 – Oct 10 1912), The New Freewoman (6.5 months: Jun – Dec 1913), and The Egoist (6 years: Jan 1914 – Dec 1919). This timeline offers a convenient way to see the duration of these journals (when they began and ended), as well as their frequency (how often they came out during their lifetime). To ensure that the individual issues of the journals display consistently in the graph, The New Freewoman has been abbreviated as “New Freewm.”

The software we’ve used to produce this timeline comes from Simile Widgets. People interested in creating their own timelines using this open-source software can find instructions here. The MJP timeline consists of just two files: a JSON data file that feeds info about the journals into an html file that displays the timeline.

How the Timeline Works

  • The timeline is set so it will automatically take you to November 1911, when The Freewoman began publishing. You can then scroll forwards to view The New Freewoman and The Egoist. The timeline will scroll (in both directions) to infinity, so there’s no point in scrolling before 1911 and after 1920.
  • There are two ways to scroll through the timeline: you can use the bottom bar, which is measured by yearly intervals, to speed through the chart, or use the top bar, measured by monthly intervals, to move more gradually.
  • The bottom bar offers a broad overview of the information that appears magnified in the top bar. In the middle of the bottom bar, a highlighted span of years relates the two bars by representing (in small) the information that is currently visible in the top bar.
  • On either bar, the date is indicated by the vertical grey line that appears immediately to the left of the name of the month or the number of the year.

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