Brown, Frederick (1851-1941) by Scholes, Robert

Frederick Brown (1851 – 1941)

Better known now as a teacher than as an artist, he taught first at the Westminster School of Art, where he taught, among others, Ethel Walker, Jack B. Yeats, and Henry Tonks. He was prominent in the founding of the New English Art Club in 1886, as an alternative to the Royal Academy. In 1893 he became head of the Slade School at the University of London, bringing Tonks along as his assistant in 1894. Tonks succeeded him in 1917. Under Brown (1892-1917) and Tonks (1917-30) the Slade School of Art produced some of its most eminent artists including Augustus John, Gwen John, William Orpen, Mark Gertler, Stanley Spencer, Wyndham Lewis, Christopher Nevinson, and David Bomberg.


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